Liverpool solicitors upgrade dictation system with innovative digital solution

Liverpool solicitors upgrade dictation system with innovative digital solution

Abensons Solicitors, a professional law firm based in Liverpool, with over 40 lawyers, paralegals and support staff, was looking for a means of easily upgrading its old-fashioned dictation system. The firm offers a broad range of legal services and has a correspondingly high demand for fast turnaround of a huge number of documents which need to be typed up on a daily basis by the secretarial team. SpeechWrite Digital, a company that specialises in providing digital dictation services, was able to upgrade the firm’s analogue system to a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution.

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The challenge

Established in 1974, Abensons Solicitors is located in Liverpool and provides legal services for a broad range of clients across its core practice areas which include Commercial Property, Corporate and Commercial, Residential Conveyancing, Wills, Probate, Tax, Trusts and Powers of Attorney, Personal Injury, Family and Divorce, Dispute Resolution and Employment. The lawyers are mainly office-based but have the option to work from home at times.

On a daily basis, the 40 lawyers dictated letters and legal agreements onto analogue tape machines which then were handed over to the secretarial team to playback and transcribe. The machines frequently broke down and became increasingly expensive and time-consuming to fix, with parts becoming hard to find or even obsolete.

The Solution

Abensons decided that the firm needed to move forward but knew that it would still be producing a great deal of printed material and needed to have a reliable dictation system. The practice manager approached SpeechWrite Digital to help find a more efficient way of working, using digital dictation technology. SpeechWrite Enterprise technology was identified as the most cost-effective solution delivered in conjunction with SpeechMike microphones. A comprehensive training programme was created and fulfilled to ensure all users could adopt to the new system as quickly as possible. Documents can now be dictated in any location and accessed and transcribed without delay by any member of the secretarial team.

The Benefits


Higher employee productivity

Easy installation

More efficient process

No time wasted with machinery breakdowns

Reliable technical support

“The SpeechWrite digital dictation technology is streets ahead of our old system. As well as providing good value for money, it is easy to use and, following effective training, everyone was up to speed quickly on the new system. Now all our secretaries are able to access and carry out any of the work supplied by any of our lawyers, even when the solicitors are working from home, so we are working far more efficiently. It was a good move for our firm.”

- Christine Blackwell, Practice Manager, Abensons Solicitors

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Abensons Case Study
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