Legal eagles overhaul workflow system to increase efficiency and assist remote working

Legal eagles overhaul workflow system to increase efficiency and assist remote working

With help from SpeechWrite Digital, South Wales solicitors’ practice Everett & Tomlin and Lloyd & Pratt (ETLP) has recently adopted a complete digital workflow solution to incorporate remote working. The company has installed Philips SpeechMike Premium USB digital recorders and SpeechWrite Enterprise workflow management software across three offices, which has both updated and enhanced its administrative systems.

Legal eagles overhaul workflow system to increase efficiency and assist remote working - Customer Stories

Instant automation of routed files

The impact has been immediately beneficial, with the new system’s flexibility being key to its success. The ability to assign respective typing pools and to monitor overall clerical workflow effectively, with the strategic option of re-distribution and balancing workloads, has greatly helped inter-departmental connectivity and efficiency, resulting in fast document turnaround. Workflow processing system SpeechExec Enterprise allows in-house central management. This means document processing can be easily controlled and monitored. Instant automation quickly routes files from recorder to secretary, whilst logging a traceable audit trail.

Optimised file security

Enterprises’ templates enable company branded documents to be created speedily. The familiar ‘Outlook’ interface of SpeechWrite Enterprise displays recordings in a list, which can be identified and filtered by author, length, priority and confidentiality. This profiling of recordings means that the author can allocate urgency to a pressing job or assign password protection to sensitive files – all at the initial dictation stage. SpeechWrite has also included optimised security features for protecting sensitive data and additionally gearing the system for speech recognition to increase the firm’s future technology options.

John Waldron, Consultant at Everett & Tomlin and Lloyd & Pratt, is very pleased with the results: 

“The ‘job-list’ interface of SpeechWrite Enterprise has revolutionised our office management capabilities. It is now much easier to monitor departmental workloads and re-distribute where necessary – our downtime has been reduced to almost zero and the corresponding guidance and support from SpeechWrite Digital has been second-to-none”.

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