Say hello to our new Medical Account Manager Joel

Tue 09 March 21

A part of the SpeechWrite family since 2014

Joel joined the SpeechWrite family back in 2014, joining us as an IT apprentice. Since then, he has developed his skills by working as a Support Engineer and Technical Support Manager, where he added significant value to the business. Following the great success in these roles, the business decided that Joel would be a perfect fit for an Account Manager due to his ability to offer a consultive approach with his clients aligned with his superior industry knowledge.

During his time with SpeechWrite, Joel has many great successes, including the supply of a global upgrade to one of the world's largest law firms and providing our full solution to a large number of medical clients around the UK. Joel is a truly dedicated IT individual with a real passion for the ever-evolving world of technology to ensure businesses and customers are equipped with state-of-the-art voice recognition and digital dictation solutions to speed up document turnaround.

Say hello to our new Medical Account Manager Joel - News

With Joel's extensive technical and customer service background, together with his passion and knowledge, we could not think of a better individual to head up our medical sector.

We managed to catch up with Joel and get his thoughts on the medical sector as he embarks on the most exciting journey of his professional career to date...

"The medical sector has evolved ever since I have been at SpeechWrite. It used to be a simple A to B relationship in terms of transcribers sending work through to Doctors, but this has changed especially in surgeries, working in larger groups, and becoming a part of CCGs and federations. Being agile alongside centralised workflow and pools has become paramount, especially in today's age where offering cloud security, flexibility, integrations with patient management systems and CRM systems seem to be the key to optimising workflow.
More recently, I have noticed many Doctors and Consultants who no longer want to dictate traditionally but would rather utilise voice recognition as they recognise the results they can achieve in eliminating workflow bottlenecks.
One of the most exciting things for me is our front-end direct speech solution for the medical sector. We already have many medical practitioners, doctors, and consultants using this solution on a day-to-day basis. The accuracy and vocabulary are constantly improving with new workflows and ways of working being optimised regularly.
The cost of cloud-based solutions dramatically improves the medical sector on a day-by-day basis, meaning more surgeries can afford to implement this type of technology and yield far superior results compared to what they would have purchased for 10 times the cost only 2 years ago.
SpeechWrite understands the medical sector, and it has been a core part of our business ever since we started utilising voice recognition. We take a consultive approach rather than a sales-driven mindset, meaning we work with clinicians to understand their needs and provide the best possible solution and not just sell a box product that may or may not work for them.
We have been delivering results for the NHS and private medical practices for years and will continue to do so."

To understand how Joel can support you drop him an email or give him a call today. He is looking forward to demonstrating the benefits of voice recognition and digital dictation in your medical setting and highlighting how you can improve workflows and reduce costs.

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