Important advice for clinicians using dictation equipment

Fri 03 April 20

Exceptional speech recording and transcription equipment

As the current pandemic impacts our global community, we want you to know that we are facilitating access to our products and solutions that are critical for healthcare professionals. In order to meet the challenges of reducing the risk of contamination in medical environments, we would like to help inform and empower you with the right tools that allow you to remain safe.

Important advice for clinicians using dictation equipment - News

The importance of equipment with hygienic surface

When handling constantly used work equipment such as dictation microphones or voice recorders it’s very important that the housing of such devices are made of hygienic surface synthetics. These materials work against the proliferation of various microorganisms, ensuring hygienic working by physically hindering the colonisation of germs, thus improving the efficiency of disinfecting measures. Avoid speech recording equipment with outdated technology or unsupported devices, as these are no longer fit for purpose in a high risk contamination environment.

Personal usage vs sharing of dictation and transcription devices

More than ever, arming each professional individually with a device is vital to overcome the spread of infection from sharing equipment. The common practice of sharing recording microphones, dictation devices and transcription equipment among professionals in hospitals, clinics or GPs is no longer advisable in order to reduce the risk of contamination. Additionally, professionals such as radiologists, medical secretaries, and transcriptionists who are able to work in isolation also need their own equipment to remain highly productive, helping the staff who are working at the front line.

Clever ways to save time and avoid burnout

When hospitals are at full capacity, the last thing healthcare professionals should focus on is admin work. Having the right tools to automate and speed up document creation is crucial to save valuable time that can be spent on more important things – whether be more time for patients or for that essential break that will prevent burnout. Voice technology is your great ally when time is of essence. Digital dictation and speech recognition save time and improve collaboration by enabling consultants and medical secretaries to generate and share medical correspondence in a few minutes instead of hours, regardless of their location - working in the same building, in isolation, or from home.

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